Saturday, December 12, 2009

In my own words

A few weeks ago the Courier Times published a letter from Mary Durkin who criticized my appearance at the recent Neshaminy High School dedication. The problem is that I wasn't at the dedication, but that little oversight is no surprise given that this person is a political hack who has spread false rumors about me in the past.

I submitted a response to Durkin's letter but the Courier Times chose not to publish it because they issued a correction (which I never saw) and felt printing my letter would be redundant. While I disagree with the Courier's decision, at least I can post my response on this blog. And here it is . . .

In her letter of November 22, Mary Durkin states she personally observed me present at the Neshaminy High School ribbon cutting ceremony. Either Ms. Durkin needs to get her eyes checked, or she never actually witnessed the event on TV as she states but rather submitted a letter that was prepared for her by someone else. I was not present at the ceremony and did not participate in the ribbon cutting. Ms. Durkin’s misinformed statement is not surprising since it is symptomatic of the misleading information used by those opposed to the new high school plan back in 2004.

Perhaps in the midst of her return to Neverland Ms. Durkin could have reminded us just who told our community that we could construct a good as new high school for $50 million that in fact ended up costing more than $80 million.

William O’Connor
Neshaminy School Board Director


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