Sunday, November 22, 2009

She needs to get her eyes checked

In a letter published in today's Courier Times, Mary Durkin says she was upset by my presence at the recent high school ribbon cutting ceremony. One problem with that Ms. Durkin - I was never at the ceremony!

When it comes to the high school reconstruction, some folks will never get their facts straight. Go ahead Ms. Durkin, you and your cronies can take all the credit for the project. That's your legacy, not mine. And you can keep it.


march said...

Mrs. Durkin, the Linders and the everyone who voted for the renovation will never admit we received an inferior product until 10-20 years down the road the high school needs to be fixed. By then they will be no where to be found.

KClarinet said...

10-20 years? Think it'll be that long?

Levittowner said...

Got a good chuckle reading the editorial and the praise heaped on Mr. Linder.

When I read you weren't even at the ceremony this is what I thought:

When the school renovation group wants something to be true they just click their ruby-shod heels together..make a wish.. TADA! (oh..but they are sure to pass out flyers and print out editorials to make your truth even more truthful!)

acs said...

Sorry but isn't this now very old news? Since there will never be agreement let's call it a draw and move on. The refurbished HS is beautiful and now the community only cares now about the present and the future. Certainly the future is not looking good - hopefully we can all agree on that.
The cost of labor has been and is a huge concern for NSD taxpayers and the board. The continually increasing cost is forcing the administration and the SB to take actions that are impacting educational quality. The NSD teachers are among the highest compensated in PA and we still show up as a middle of the pack SD. The actual education of the kids is more important then bricks and mortar in one school. Everyone who fought for both sides of the HS issues should be uniting to fight an out of control NFT Union that is slowly and methodically forcing the degradation of our the educational system and likely the outsourcing of the Support Staff workers.

Gabriel said...

The problem is ACS our community hasn't learned from the lesson of penny wise, pound foolish. Too many Neshaminy citizens have limited vision, unable to see more than a few months down the road. The high school is a symbol of that lack of vision, and it will remain a sore sport for a long time to come.