Monday, December 21, 2009

Another letter opposing outsourcing

From a letter printed in Sunday's Courier Times . . .

"Nonunion janitors could save district millions," the Courier Times headline crows. How brilliant, how strategic! Neshaminy school board President Ritchie Webb wants to save money by terminating present workers and supplant with them cheap labor sans benefits. Workers who are trying to make a living and support their families, and pay taxes, too. And then Mr. Webb has the temerity and arrogance to emit, "I want to point out that the board will exhaust every effort to negotiate a fair and equitable contract for both sides . . ." What is fair and equitable about stripping away an individual's only means of earning a living!?

You can read the rest of this letter by clicking here.

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Blume said...

I posted this same comment on the Courier's blog for this letter:

Fine, let's not outsource and keep these expensive labor contracts in place. Just one question for you - what educational programs shall we cut once our budget sails over the State's 2.9% inflation cap?

Your big concern is for organized labor. Silly me, my big concern is for the students. Doesn't it seem the least bit ironic to you that we'll be cutting education programs so that we can spare the jobs of the people who were hired to take care of our children?

I want to be clear that I do value our teachers and support staff. I hope we settle both contracts soon. But I do not want to cut education programs to pay for outrageously expensive benefits no other district in the county has.