Friday, December 18, 2009

Board targets teacher strikes

Today's Courier carried a story of the Pennsbury School Board's resolution to oppose teacher strikes. The motion passed unanimously.

Some people believe that teachers should not be allowed to strike since children are required to receive an education in Pennsylvania. Others feel that teachers should have the right to strike just like most other union workers. Then there are those who think passing a school board resolution for a matter that must be resolved in Harrisburg is a waste of time.

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Gabriel said...

@I'm somewhere between "Not during the negotiations" and "It's a Harrisburg thing" and so I went with the first one.

It won't really change anything and all it would do is serve to further the distance between the board and the teachers. There's already plenty of distance.

The board has done a good job so far and I would suggest that you stay the course rather than rock the boat.

KClarinet said...

Concern about teacher strikes under the present law seems like a waste of energy. It's already illegal to strike beyond the number of student days that can be made up before June 30 - the mandated 180 days of instruction cannot be threatened. In return for any show of urgency or "force" a strike might convey on the teachers' behalf, a whirlwind of community ill will would be the absolutely predictable result. Teachers have very little if anything to gain by striking and risk losing support as well as income from the days beyond the 180, many of which, as JS mentions in the other thread, are inservice days that would in all likelihood not be made up (or paid for).

Since NFT has not to this point called for a strike, a prohibition would have so far had no meaning in Neshaminy's contract impasse. Better to spend the time at board meetings talking about more urgent and meaningful things instead of debating empty, meaningless resolutions that wouldn't seem to have any positive potential effect on the situation here.

acs said...

I think the board should take a vote on this resolution. Would like to see it there is the 9-0 unity on the board Webb keeps saying he has in the BCCT.

srodos said...

I think that the Board could spend its time or more meaningful pursuits, something perhaps that they
could actually control.