Friday, January 6, 2012

Board president comments on teachers' strike

Neshaminy School Board President, Ritchie Webb, issued the following statement in reaction to the strike declaration made today by the Neshaminy Federation of teachers:

“Earlier today, the Neshaminy Federation of Teachers (NFT) declared a strike beginning on Monday, January 9th.

By instituting a job action aimed at our children and their parents, the NFT’s actions are inflicting financial harm and inconvenience to families in our district. As school board president, I am also concerned that our teachers are causing irreparable harm to their reputation within the Neshaminy community.

Most of the issues in our contract dispute with the NFT concern money, but a strike won’t put a single dime into our coffers. The key to settling this impasse is not to deny our children their education. The answer lies in understanding the economic times in which we live, and having the willingness to negotiate an affordable contract.

The Neshaminy School Board will continue to negotiate in good faith with the NFT, however we will not tolerate any behavior which exploits our students. For now I have notified our attorney, Mr. Sweet, to immediately suspend any further negotiations with the NFT.

I urge all members of the Neshaminy community to stand with us during this difficult time. I ask that you call NFT headquarters to demand they end this strike immediately, and return to the bargaining table willing to negotiate an affordable contract.

The NFT’s phone number is 215-547-2001.”



Yes folks, believe it or not the NFT has once again raised the stakes in this high tension game of contract negotiations. Perpetrating a work-to-contract action against your children is no longer enough, so now Neshaminy's teachers are depriving children of their education by instituting a strike effective on Monday.

Make no mistake about it, this job action is aimed directly at YOU! But now is an opportunity for this community to draw a line in the sand. We can no longer remain quiet while the school board fights the battle to save our children's educational programs. It's time to stand up and vocally support our school board.

The school board is asking community members to call the NFT headquarters at 215-547-2001 demanding they end this strike immediately, and settle on an affordable contract.

Here is an announcement that was posted on the school board's website just a short time ago . . .

The Nesaminy Federation of Teachers (NFT) announced today that our teachers will be striking effective Monday, January 9th.

Please visit the school district website at for important updates.

We urge every member of our community to contact NFT Headquarters at 215-547-2001 and demand that teachers immediately end this job action aimed at our children, and return to the bargaining table ready to negotiate an affordable contract.


Friday, December 2, 2011

NFT's scorched Earth strategy

The ballot below was distributed by the NFT to teachers in at least one of our elementary schools recently. Although not a binding vote, this paper asks teachers if they should target a strike during our PSSA's.

Perhaps union officials see no harm in asking, but the Board finds it reprehensible that the NFT would even consider targeting our students and the educational well-being of the district as a form of intimidation.

NFT Strike Form 122011

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Playwickian questions NSB, NFT on contract

Playwickian Article 11222011

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Thank you

This Tuesday will be my final meeting as your representative to the Neshaminy School Board. It has been my honor and privilege to have served our community over the last four years, and I truly appreciate the support and confidence you have shown me during this time.

Unfortunately as my term ends, so does the Neshaminy Info blog and Facebook group page. While I have been pleased to share both news and my opinions via these resources, I can no longer devote the time necessary to maintaining them. I thank all of you who frequented these websites over the years.

Neshaminy is a very special place, full of very special people. Thank you for the opportunity to serve the members of this wonderful community.


William O'Connor
Neshaminy School Board Director


Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Board doesn’t see any significant change in NFT offer

Meeting #36 lasted 90 minutes, with the mediator spending the first 20 minutes with the NFT, and the final 70 minutes with the Board’s Negotiation Team.

The mediator presented the NFT’s counter proposal which included the following highlights:
• Full reinstatement of salary steps
• 80% of retroactive pay (instead of 100%)
• As of 7/1/2012, Masters Equivalency (MEQ’s) courses will be approved by joint committee equally represented by district staff and federation members

After flatly rejecting the offer for 80% of retro pay, the Board did agree to carefully review and consider the NFT counter proposal but noted they didn not see any significant change in the NFT’s position.

Both sides agreed to further talks on December 6th and December 14th.

Friday, October 28, 2011

NSB fires back at SLCS

NSB Press Release SLCS 10282011