Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Notes from last night

Greetings from San Fran which is going through a bit of a rainy, cold spell this week (just my luck). In case you didn't see today's Courier, here is an article and editorial about the outsourcing information the Board recently posted . . .

Nonunion janitors could save district millions

Unreasonable demands

Gotta get back to work so there is no time to comment on this. There were a few things that happened at last night's meeting that bothered me - signs that partisan politics have come back to the district. Whatever progress we made over the last year may have been undone by Neshaminy voters in November. For now, I'm keeping my fingers crossed that we haven't taken a huge step backwards.


acs said...

I am concrned about the support staff. These are good hardworking people and deserve the right representation.
William can you help here? This is a run away train the board has put in motion and I fear they will be the victims due to incompetent representation by union leaders.
SF even in rain is much nicer than here :)

example for my kids said...

Being one who is heavily involved in the PTO and Booster organizations in the schools that my children attend, support staff, such as the custodial staff, are a vital part of helping our organizations in the course of the school year. Will outsourced janitorial services be willing to pitch in and help volunteer organizations without a hefty price tag attached? I'm not thinking so. Has anyone on the school board considered how outsourcing would impact the volunteer organizations that contribute to so importantly to our schools?

As a parent and a taxpayer I've tried hard to not take sides and I wholeheartedly agree that concessions need to be made by both the teachers union and the support staff union. I'm just hoping decisions are not made without looking at it from every angle. I'd hate to see this school district go down a path that is difficult to recover from. All because no one's willing to negotiate.

This stalemate helps no one! I'm tired of seeing union shirts. I'm tired of all the banter, blog comments and newspaper editorials on the subject of contracts. Most importantly, I'm tired of losing respect for the many people I've always held in high regard. It's all getting so very old.