Monday, September 6, 2010

Written proposal received

A written proposal has been received from the NFT. The Board will take time to review the proposal before sharing with the community.


Susan said...

Stand firm!

Federalist 9 said...

Employee contributions to health care are a MUST! Any other cost savings are an appreciated concession, but a percentage contribution is absolutely required. It is foolish and unreasonable to demand anything less.

Any quoted cost of health care this year is irrelevant next year and beyond. Employee-contribution is the only acceptable protection, for both parties, from the inevitable rising cost of premiums.

acs said...

Fed, You da man (or woman). 15% is a must-Bingo. the only caveat is we need to also terminate Health care in retirement for teachers and their families and retirement bonuses. And of course nothing more than 1% raise plus steps. Then the budget will work.