Monday, September 13, 2010

Board releases NFT Counter Proposal

The following was posted to the Board's Negotiation website just moments ago . . .

Although a thorough financial analysis of the NFT counter proposal has not yet been completed, the Neshaminy School Board has chosen to disclose the offer at this time (see below). The Board believes it is important that the information be shared ahead of Tuesday's Public Work Session so that residents may comment on it.

The Board will continue to withhold formal comment on the NFT counter proposal until its analysis has been completed.

Nft Proposal 082510


Matt Pileggi said...

Not good enough!! The health care changes are simply a modification of the plan, and everyone knows that the cost of a plan changes (increases) year to year. There is no protection for the district or the tax payers beyond year 1. So, they either need to contribute a percentage to health care, or allow the board to re-negotiate their health plan year-to-year at a set maximum cost (yeah right!).

Also, they CANNOT be given the same health care coverage after retirement. If there is a way for them to elect to continue in the group - WHILE ASSUMING THE FULL COST - then that is fine. But this district can incur no costs once a teacher has retired. PERIOD!

Also, what happened to full day kindergarten and better teacher ratios?? Is this ALL about money now?!?!

Str8 Shutr said...

Why is it taking this long for the board to R-E-J-E-C-T this atrocity? Unless I'm misreading this thing the nft has graciously conceded to taking the board's proposal on Rx, which has no impact on them, along with giving themselves a big fat raise and still no health premium contribution. Pay no attention to those other "concessions" like tech education or schedules that they have no business demanding in the first place.
William, you and the other board members have placated these teachers for too long. Take control!! If you want to keep your board seat you had better start getting tough. This has gone on too long and the students of our fine schools deserve better than this.

Izzy said...

Wow...they just don't get it
-Lock them out

Negotiations are not making any progress
-Lock them out

the situation is just creating more and more animosity
-Lock them out

our kids are not getting the education they deserve
-Lock them out

Don't let the union have the upper hand and intimidate the community with a rumor of a strike
-Lock them out

platypus said...

Easy going there Str8. Do you think anyone could possible have done better than O'Conner, Webb and the others? Consider where these guys started with this contract. Other boards have caved in by now. We've seen that in Neshaminy in the past and we've seen in other districts more recently. Who else would even want to do this job for zero pay? This board has been strong without bending and no sign of dissention among their ranks. They got the support union to make major concessions and save the district money. You want to get rid of these guys? We have to find a way of convincing them to run for school board next year.

Izzy said...

Absolutely !!!!!
Couldn't agree with you more platypus

Realistically speaking said...

Such a waste of time. They are stalling. Unbelievable, they really think they are above the economic reality. Our children will suffer in the classroom-don't blame the board! They are the only board who has been willing to stand firm. They can not force the NFT to accept the necessary changes. They need to come around to it, and this is going to be a lonnnnnngggggg ride. Buckle up folks. You've now seen what the board has been dealing with. Thank you all for your dedication, the community does appreciate your efforts! I do wish however that you had more dynamic legal counsel. I do not think you are getting the best advice out there. Please let us know what the strike date is when you hear...

JS said...

I can safely say this, if retro pay prior to this school year (2010-2011) is even offered by the NSB...

I honestly don't know how to finish that because it's too maddening. I realize that teachers have worked under an expired contract. One that keeps them getting free medical premiums while keeping their job. So we should reward their stalling by giving them the past two years raises?

For what?

They have agreed to take higher copays, with the same (or higher) benefit coverages, with no additional premium contributions.

They have asked to have higher yearly cost of living increases than even the last CBA agreement had. The last CBA had 2.75% yearly adjustments to all steps.

They have agreed to allowing the district to self administer it's Rx plan (which the NSB came up with). An act that actually doesn't affect them at all, just saves the district money. Oh AND it was offered by the district months ago.

All this while instituting a "work to contract" action that has no affect but to negatively impact the educational process of Neshaminy students.

Seriously Mr. O the board needs to reject this offer (with specific cost numbers as to why it must be rejected) and needs to do it quickly.

No offense to those parents who wish to see Back to School night happen as usual, but there are quite a few parents who would feel more than compelled to tell teachers how they feel about this offer to their face, and it won't be pretty. Not that I condone such action, but it will happen, and it will only be a black eye on the district.

acs said...

William, keep holding firm. Disregard people like Str8. You and your 8 peers are the best any district every had. You are role models for SB directors-Everyone of you. The NFT broke itself with this joke of an offer after 2 years and an embarrassment of a union leader. Boyd and NFT are finished as of tonight. It is a Dead Union walking :) thanks to the board and public opinion.