Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Many back board over contract rejection

A summary of last night's meeting, courtesy of Courier Times reporter Christian Menno . . .

Many residents who attended Tuesday's Neshaminy School Board meeting used the opportunity to support the board in its rejection of the teachers union's latest contract proposal, with some asking that an even harder stance to be taken.

"I just want to thank the board for its complete rejection on behalf of the students and the taxpayers," said Larry Pastor of Middletown. He added that he wants the board to not only rescind its latest counteroffer, but to dissolve the entire collective bargaining agreement and write a new one from scratch.

"Thank you for standing firm regarding their most recent offer," parent Lisa Pflaumer said. "We are all making sacrifices during these tough economic times - well almost all of us. As a private business owner, if I ran my business how the union leadership is instructing its members to work to contract, I would lose my customers."

Teachers following this action did not attend back-to-school nights at the district's middle schools and elementary schools and parents expressed concern that letters of recommendation would not be written for high school students.

Superintendent Louis Muenker said that any Neshaminy High School students having any problems getting letters of recommendation should contact the principal.

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NicAndy said...

If I were a teacher, I would not attend the meetings either. Larry Pastor made threatening comments at the last Board Meeting, and there has not been ONE comment about his behavior by the Board, Superintendent, newspaper, etc. Whatever the dispute, the fact of the matter is that the teachers are employees of the District, and not one "employer" said one thing to indicate that they would protect ALL stakeholders involved in this dispute.

Erik said...

Pastor's comments were inappropriate but they had nothing to do with the teachers so they're just using it as an excuse. Pastor was commenting against the board members who signed the last agreement so the only person in the room who had any right to be concerned was Eccles. I heard that Webb did say something about his comments last night and so did Muenker, Pastor also apologized himself.
Louise and the nft are just grasping for any thing they can find to deflect the bad press away from them. It's too late for that people, you brought this upon yourself.

Marz said...

Pastor's comment was tongue-in-cheek and sarcastic. The general population knows that. Was it the time or place for that comment? No. But, as Erik said the board addressed it, Dr Muenker addressed it, and Pastor apologized for it. So, the NFT is yet again being melodramatic and using Pastor as a scapegoat. Especially when the comment didn't even reference the NFT to begin with, but previous school boards who caved in to the NFT's ridiculous demands. It's another smokescreen to try to hide behind and something else to try to deflect blame upon. There isn't anywhere else to place blame. It belongs squarely on the leadership of the NFT and everyone knows it, regardless of how much spin they try to create.

William O'Connor said...

The following comments submitted by ACS have been edited for content.

I think we definitely need the 3 min rule. Alfonso and the Philadelphia teacher was way too much time. As far as Pastor his comment may have been inappropriate for a school forum but it was not at all serious.

Apparently as Webb said only the union leaders complained so it was just an obvious attempt to discredit him. In fact if I remember correctly didn't a union thug actually really engage in a violent verbal assault against Pastor on school property to intimidate him from speaking out? The Union boss never condemned that janitor for school violence-he should have been fired and in fact my understanding is NESPA protected him! Personally I thought the Philly teacher last night was far more threatening to our students and parents.

NicAndy said...

Well, I am I not a Union Teacher, and I expressed my concerns about his comment last week on this very Blog. I also know that several others also expressed concerns about it as well through comments posed on this Blog, Facebook, and the newspaper Blog. I don't care if Pastor's comments were "tongue-in-cheek" or sarcastic, they are still inappropriate, especially given the current angry and volatile culture in our District. As illustrated by the disastrous "student protest" at Maple Point last year, which really amounted to nothing more than a "parent-condoned class cut" by many accounts; it is clear that we have too many children who are watching what is happening in our District, and who are not able to make good, sound, decisions for themselves. As I said before, I am pretty confident that if a student made that same "sarcastic" and "tongue-in-cheek" comment in school, it would certainly not be condoned or brushed aside. Whatever way you look at it, it's hyppocritical for anyone look away or to brush it aside, and sends a mixed message to our students. After all, everyone INSISTS that they only have the students' best interest at hand. I think it's time that we ALL start acting like it.

acs said...

NinAndy, You are union that is no mystery. Anyway we have Dr. Meunker condoning student protests and not making one single comment publicly on the dangers of drinking and driving and condemning role models that are arrested doing it(teachable moment down the drain). You are so concerned about impressionable children except when it involves the horrible examples some teachers are displaying daily.

NicAndy said...

Sorry to disappoint ACS, but your suspicions about me are off base. I am just a taxpayer concerned about MY children and MY declining property value. The manner in which we are being portrayed in the media as a result of the tacky and vulgar behavior by all sides is embarrassing. It is sad to see what was once a good School District with a good reputation plunge to the depths of despair, because BOTH sides have dug their heels in, and are unwilling to bend. It just boggles my mind that we are condoning any behavior...from either side that portrays us in anything less than a classy manner. Doesn't anyone understand that the manner in we are allowing ourselves to be portrayed WILL impact the ability to attract good and decent homebuyers?!?!

finance-101 said...

Great post by NicAndy.
Perception is the name of the game when it prices an investment. Our Home for most of us is our biggest investment.