Monday, September 20, 2010

Staffers commended for actions in an emergency

From today's Courier Times (picture credit: Kim Weimer/Courier staff photographer) . . .

[Superintendent] Louis Muenker recently praised three faculty members whose efforts helped avert a tragedy on the first day of school.

On Aug. 31, a teacher complained of not feeling well and eventually passed out into fellow teacher Scott Prendergast's arms. Part-time health aide Peggy Lutz was called to the scene.

"I ran down to the room and when I got there, I saw his color was not very good and he wasn't breathing," said Lutz, who's worked at the school for more than five years. "I yelled for someone to grab the defibrillator and started CPR."

"I know it was only a few minutes, but it seemed to take forever," she said. "I used the (automated external defibrillator) and put the paddles to his chest and gave him a shock. The machine then told me to resume mouth-to-mouth and CPR."

At that point, Lutz said, the teacher's color began to return and she detected a faint pulse.
"He began to breathe shallowly and I turned him on his side," she added.

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NicAndy said...

Kudos to Ms. Lutz and her co-workers for a job well-done. It is a shame that more people have not taken the time to recognize the amazing accomplishment of these employees in saving someone's life. Neshaminy is lucky to have dedicated employees who really know how to pull together in a crisis. Maybe you could teach us all a thing or two.