Friday, September 10, 2010

Courier Times: Thumbs down to NFT negotiators

Here is an editorial from today's Courier Times . . .

Thumbs Down:
To negotiators for the Neshaminy Teachers Union who continue to define themselves as unreasonable amateurs when it comes to negotiating a new contract.

Their latest example is a verbal counteroffer the union presented to the school board on Aug. 25. It begs logic that the union reps expected the school board to seriously consider a verbal contract proposal. As they should have, board members awaited a written version, which finally arrived Sept. 3, the Friday before a three-day holiday weekend. Still, union negotiators accused the school board of delaying tactics.

By our count, board members had the proposal in hand for just two work days before the union started squawking. The question is: Why did it take nine days to put the deal in writing. And why has the union not budged on its ludicrous insistence on continued free benefits, which folks in the real world haven't seen in decades.

And just because their accusations ticked me off, I'm gonna give the NFT negotiators a giant one of these . . .

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