Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Parents to the rescue

Here is a letter printed in today's Courier Times entitled, Picking up the slack, submitted by Sharon Rudnitsky of Feasterville . . .

Every year Ferderbar Elementary School has a spaghetti and meatball dinner for the school and community to raise money for the needy in our community.

Every year it is run by the teachers and the fifth-graders. This year we were told that the teachers would be "unable to attend." So, the parents and the support are taking matters into their own hands to ensure that this important event happens.

Please, parents, get involved with your PTO or home and school association and ask what you can do to make this year run as smoothly as possible for our kids and our community.

Thank you Sharon and all Neshaminy Parents for supporting your children's education!


Langhorne said...

While I understand the purpose of the work to contract, I don't agree with it. But, parents and the PTO should not pat themselves on the back for participating in thier children's education.

We expect many things of our teachers. Rightfully so. But, as soon as we as parents do something extra it's "Parents to the Rescue?"

SuzetteLiptrot said...

Langhorne, Parents have always helped out with a wide variety of activites only AFTER teachers have requested help. This year is very different because there are NO requests for help...there are no planned activites. Remember, teachers are "unable" to attend. The parents have been stepping in to try and make things happen for the kids. No one is patting themselves on the back! We are trying to rescue the normalcy that is now missing in our schools.

Langhorne said...

Suzette, you actually touched on my point. Why should the teachers have to request assitance? Parents should be want to be involved in the PTO and events for thier children. Unfortunately, everyone in the district is going through this. Complaining is not going to speed things up, which is obvious by the three years of negotiations. The focus should be on how do we maintain "normalcy", as the parents did with the pasta dinner, not look what we did.