Tuesday, November 30, 2010

NFT press release criticizes district administration

The NFT issued the following press release earlier this evening . . .

Neshaminy School Administration Can't Find Time To Discuss Education Priorities With Teachers

LANGHORNE, Pa., Nov. 30, 2010 /PRNewswire/ -- As teachers prepare for their next contract negotiating session with the school district on Thursday, leaders of the Neshaminy Federation of Teachers today said they are disappointed that administrators so far have refused to meet with them to discuss the school system's educational priorities.

"Teachers are dismayed that the school administration can't seem to find time for this important discussion," said Louise Boyd, president of the Neshaminy Federation of Teachers. "Setting educational priorities is crucial to improving student achievement and making sure Neshaminy kids get the best education possible. We have made three requests for a meeting and have offered to meet on any day that works for the administrators involved. So far, they only have said that they are working on a document that will address the district's priorities."

Throughout the contract talks, Neshaminy teachers have repeatedly said it is essential that the school board and administrators identify their educational priorities and fully inform teachers and the community of those goals. With goals in place, teachers believe both sides will be able to focus on the education agenda in negotiations and make the current talks an opportunity to work together to define the steps needed to achieve those goals.

"That is the spirit of collaboration that we will bring to the next bargaining session on Thursday," Boyd said. "Teachers have indicated our willingness to make compromises that are fair. We want Neshaminy schools to be a great place to learn and to work. We hope that the school district's bargaining team comes to the table prepared to negotiate. If they do that, we are ready to make progress together."

Neshaminy teachers have been working under a contract that expired in July 2008.

SOURCE: PR Newswire


csld said...

Louise Boyd can not be serious now she is worried about the childrens education....Tell this to the students that graduated last year and applied to colleges without any letters of recommendations.

Writer Girl said...

The problem with the teacher's union is that due to their stand on not speaking to the media, residents/taxpayers/students and the like have not heard their side of the story. As the daughter of a Neshaminy teacher, I can tell you that what the school board is portraying to the media is NOT the full story. Unfortunately, the full story is not being delivered. I have sat here in frustration over this for many months, hoping that the union would drop this point, but to no avail.

As for work-to-contract, I don't know if anyone really wanted to take this action and I know everyone is happy that it has ended, but also, instead of blindly criticizing the movement, think about why it came to pass. The teachers do not want to strike, but they want to make a statement that would provoke a response from the school board. Could their lack of response, other than turning people against the teachers, really be the tell-tale sign of a school board who is willing to go along with sacrificing students' well-being? Two wrongs do not make a right! Isn't this what they taught us in kindergarten?

All I'm asking for, not only as the daughter of a teacher, but a Neshaminy graduate and a resident, is for the taxpayers to realize that there is more to this story than meets the eye. Keep an open mind. Please. There's always another side, even if that side has been silent for much too long.

Mike said...

Writer girl, You mention you are a child of a Neshaminy teacher. You mention that the teachers are misunderstood. I think it may be you that misunderstands.
You mention how EVEN the teachers didn't want the work to contract. BUT THEY DID ....
Going with your statement of being taught from kindergarten... As a parent of three children, I have taught to my children - IF the group is doing something that you DON'T AGREE WITH, STOP! Don't do it. Stand up for what you know is wrong. Stand up for what is right. If you can't change it, Walk Away from that leadership.
As a child of a Neshaminy teacher, you have been mislead that whether right or wrong, FOLLOW.
As a child of a Neshaminy Teacher , YOU have been taught NOT to care about anybody BUT YOURSELF.
Don't worry that your neighbor has lost his/her job, hasn't seen a pay raise for one or more years but HAS seen insurance premiums and co pays increased.
As a child of a Neshaminy teacher you have been taught that working as a teacher one should claim nobody understands how hard you work, even though MOST people work ALL YEAR. Weekends too.
As a child of a Neshaminy teacher you have not realized that by fighting for the teachers health care plan, The teachers were willing to see their fellow Neshaminy workers, bus drivers, kitchen staff dissipated to save money to pay for said coverage.
As a child of a Neshaminy teacher you haven't had the privilege of dropping your child off at school on the mornings, or picking up your child after school and noticing most of the teachers arriving and departing in new or newer cars.
As a child of a Neshaminy teacher, you wouldn't notice all the older cars are the ones dropping off most of the children or picking them up. I wish I could afford to be able to replace my 15 year old car that has NO heat or A/C . However, making sure that the teachers healthcare is more of a priority.
As a child of a Neshaminy teacher You say I misunderstood your teachers. As an adult, I AM GLAD I did. Because to me, if any of my misunderstandings makes sense, this is a sad world.