Friday, November 26, 2010

Cautious optimism

The Courier Times editorial staff gave the NFT a thumbs up for indicating that employee health care contributions were finally on the table, but they hedged their compliments by noting NFT prez Louise Boyd was "characteristically unclear" in her comments.

The Courier's ed staff concluded, "But since Boyd consistently refuses to clarify her ambivalent statements, taxpayers will have to wait until the Dec. 2 negotiating session to see exactly what Boyd means. Meanwhile, union negotiators should take note that taxpayers remain solidly behind the school board, members of which have said over and over again that they must live within the constraints of the district's state-imposed taxing limit."

At least one Neshaminy resident doesn't share in the Courier's optimism. Also in today's paper was a letter from one parent who referred to the NFT's recent change in strategy as an "elaborate smokescreen" to distract the public. The author later says, "Boyd must think the community is stupid enough to believe her latest PR spin, just like the one she tried in a recent full-page newspaper advertisement that accused the school board of lying to teachers for 35 years!"


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