Saturday, November 13, 2010

NFT ends WTC

In a statement from the Neshaminy Federation of Teachers . . .

LANGHORNE, Pa., Nov. 13, 2010 /PRNewswire/ -- Members of the Neshaminy Federation of Teachers (NFT) today challenged School District officials to rise above their differences and reinvigorate efforts to reach an agreement on a new contract.

In a move demonstrating their commitment to the negotiating process, Neshaminy's certified staff announced they are ending their work-to-contract action that began last May to call attention to the lack of progress in negotiations. Since then, Neshaminy staff have performed only the duties specified in their previous contract, which expired nearly two-and-one-half years ago.

Beginning Monday, which coincides with the start of American Education Week, NFT members will resume the full array of extra duties that they take on for their students and the District—including extracurricular activities, supporting special events and providing college recommendations.

"We have proven our point," said Louise Boyd, NFT President and 10th grade Science teacher. "Through Work-to-Contract, the District and community realize the invaluable role teachers and education professionals have in our school district. All of us have a commitment to do what's best for students, and at this time we will end work to contract and look ahead to the bargaining session scheduled for December 2nd with the hope of moving forward toward an agreement."
Boyd said the NFT's negotiating team will continue to press for an agreement that will support and continue the educational excellence that Neshaminy parents expect and their children deserve.

"As the talks move forward, the District must set priorities for student achievement, inform the staff and the community about its goals and seek avenues of collaboration between certified staff and administrators for the benefit of the students in our classrooms," Boyd said.

"This in no way signals capitulation to the District's contract demands. Rather, we are attempting to open the door of opportunity for NFT members and the District to get down to the business of finalizing a new agreement and to emphasize the dual role of the District and NFT to educate the students of Neshaminy."

I'll have comments on this development later.

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