Friday, November 19, 2010

BREAKING NEWS: NFT to negotiate on health care

Earlier today the NFT issued a press release to the Courier Times that as a show of good faith they will discuss health care at the December 2nd.

Here is a link to a news brief on the Courier Times Now.


Langhorne said...

The November 23rd edition of the Bucks County Courier Times reported several other Bucks County School Districts who are entering contract negotiations. This isn't just happening in Neshaminy.

That said, the articles also illustrated what these school districts pay into their healthcare, which ranged from 10 to 12 percent. The Neshaminy School Board is not competitive by asking for 15, 16 and 17% from Neshaminy Teachers.

I agree that the NFT needs to back away from paying nothing, but the Board has to be competitive with neighboring districts.

William O'Connor said...

Langhorne, our original proposal to the NFT was competitive with other districts when we offered contribution rates of 10%/11/12% for an insurance plan that is comparable with what other districts have. The NFT insisted on maintaining their very costly rolls royce plan, which doesn't exist anywhere else in the area to my knowledge. The Board felt that if they were going to insist on a more expensive plan, then the NFT was going to have to absorb the difference in costs, hence the 15%/16%/17% contribution rates.

Langhorne said...

Mr. O'Connor,
What plan are you offering? How does it compare to the existing Healthcare plan and the plans of other districts that pay 10, 11 and 12%? Has the carrier given a sample Summary Plan Description (SPD) for the teachers to review?

Langhorne said...

Also, how did the increase in CO-Pay offered by the NFT compare to the savings in having them pay the higher percentage?