Friday, March 25, 2011

One reason to read Sunday's Courier Times

By: Christian Menno, Calkins Media, Inc.

The board's latest proposal to the Neshaminy Federation of Teachers expires in June and, at that point, if there are no counteroffers on the table, Webb said the plan is to start from scratch with a brand new offer that features suggestions from residents.

"This is just my personal thought and there is nothing definitive on this yet, as it would require board approval, but I do feel the community itself should be involved," Webb added Friday. "It all depends on how many people volunteer. If there is a high number then we could hold interviews and make selections based on that."

According to Webb, an ideal candidate would be a "reasonable person without an agenda" that is interested solely in working towards coming to terms on a contract.

For more details, including comments from NFT President Louise Boyd, check Sunday's Courier Times or log onto

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