Friday, March 18, 2011

Is anyone out there buying this?

If you keep saying it enough, maybe people will believe you. Fortunately the Neshaminy community is a little too smart for that.

The NFT released another press release today insisting their last contract proposal offers $2.8 million in savings. Obviously the concept of NET savings (you know, the actual bottom line) still hasn't sunk in with Ms. Boyd, so she still refuses to accept that their most recent proposal is more expensive than their original.

But wait ... the NFT has dug deep into their 1970's playbook to pull out another gem ... the Board is trying to undermine teachers!!! How do they know this? Do they finally have something concrete and verifiable to base this accusation on??? Nope ... according to Ms. Boyd, "Based on discreet conversations, we've learned that offering any percentage toward healthcare will not result in a contract . . ."

Great, another mystery source of information courtesy of the NFT. If you want to read the full press release for yourself, click here.

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