Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Fuzzy Math? How about FUZZY ENGLISH???

It didn't take long for the confusion set in. As members of the NFT began handing out their fliers this past week (see below), residents questioned a union proposal which according to the flier would "contribute to teacher health care plans that would have saved the District $2.8 million annually." One tax payer wrote to me saying that this was wonderful news, and wanted to know why the Board hadn't publicized the fact that teachers were willing to contribute towards their health care premiums.

Yes, it is wonderful news. If only it were true.

Funny how in the midst of attemting to discredit the reputation of the school board, the NFT turned the tables on themselves by using such misleading words.

In today's Courier Times, Ritchie Webb expresses his surprise at the alleged NFT offer to contribute to health care and also explains how their recent flier fails to properly understand the budgeting process. He also makes it very clear that while the district has diligently worked to build our fund balance (savings account) back up to a safe level, the money isn't just sitting there waiting for the NFT to do a cash grab.

Fox 29 News carried this report yesterday which confirmed the public's skepticism of the NFT's flier . . .

While we are on the subject of fuzzy math, how about the NFT finally explain its numbers that never seem to add up. Where did they get the $2.8 million from? I've explained previously that the most we can find is $1.9 million, and the bulk of that comes from the Board's proposed self insured Rx plan. Can the union for once, really JUST ONCE, actually prove their numbers on paper for everyone to see?

And don't forget that whether their savings is $1.9 or $2.8 million, the cost increases throughout their offer far exceeds any savings. THERE IS NO NET SAVINGS IN ANY OF THE NFT OFFERS!

The NFT is heavy on accusations but light on facts. Most of us would call that fuzzy logic.

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Matt Pileggi said...

They haven't taken a "pay freeze" because the NFT demands include retro pay. It doesn't impact the younger teachers "especially" it would impact them _exclusively_. Teachers already at max base salary have not missed out on anything other than proposed increases to their $95,923 salaries.