Friday, March 25, 2011

Board to teachers: Push union on contract

From the Courier Times . . .

NESHAMINY SCHOOLS - Teachers union President Louise Boyd said the union leadership and the members are one and the same.

The Neshaminy school board directly addressed the district's teachers, skirting union representatives, in an open letter Thursday.

The letter asked the rank and file to help push negotiations in a "realistic and positive direction."
Board members have said recently that the Neshaminy Federation of Teachers leadership group is prolonging the contract dispute, which has lasted more than three years.

However, NFT President Louise Boyd, in response to the board's letter, said that the union leadership and the teachers that make up its membership are one and the same.

"There are no union bosses, so to speak," Boyd said. "These are teachers representing teachers. This is something that (board President Ritchie) Webb needs to understand. When you talk to the teachers or about the teachers, you are talking about the NFT. When you talk about the NFT, you are talking about the teachers."

Later, in a statement released by the union, Boyd again blasted the tactic by the school board.

"Once again, the board fails to understand that the certified staff of the district is unified and steadfast in its resolve to negotiate a fair and equitable contract," Boyd said. "This letter is a clear attempt to divide our membership by subverting the bargaining process. It is a failed strategy. They would be better off directing their time and energy towards finding creative solutions to reach a fair settlement."

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