Sunday, May 30, 2010

Taking a break

There has been so much going on around Neshaminy this past week, so much press and hype, and I didn't want to add to the hysteria. So rather than add my own thoughts on recent events, I thought I'd spend a few days away from blogging and instead try regaining some perspective.

If you haven't already planned on attending this coming Tuesday's Board meeting, you might want to carve out some time. From everything I've been reading and hearing, parent and tax payer attendance may be at its highest since the days of the 2004 NHS referendum. You should be there. Everyone should.

I'll be back next week with reaction to Tuesday's meeting.

Most importantly, a special thanks to all our men and women of the armed forces who redefine bravery on a daily basis. We are both thankful and humbled by your sacrifice. Our thoughts are with you on this Memorial Day, and every day after that . . . Thank you!

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RVN6869 said...


Thank you for remembering those that have given their all, so we may enjoy our Freedom.

Semper Fidelis