Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Is student rally a hoax?

If your child is a Neshaminy High School student, they may have received an anonymous text in the past couple of days regarding a student rally to be held on Thursday morning in front of the building. The problem is that while some of the text messages say the rally is a "pro teacher union" event, other text messages contain the exact same wording except they indicated Thursday's event is an "anti teacher" rally.

This appears to be a prank of some sort designed to draw students supporting either side of the debate out into a common area at one time. Perhaps this is an attempt at a harmless joke, but given the tensions in our district over contract disputes, it has the potential of turning into something ugly.

Please check with your high school student to see if they have received such a text or heard of a rally on Thursday. While I support free speech from all including students, I would strongly suggest your child avoid this rally.


NicAndy said...

Oh great......here we go! Let the finger pointing begin. First the fire alarm, now this. I am sure that this is the NFT's fault or the Board's fault, because we would NEVER expect anyone (especially if it turns out to be a student) to take RESPONSIBILITY for their behavior(s).

Here is a question: If it turns out that a student is in fact responsible for one or both of these incidents.......where do you think that they learned that this type of behavior is acceptable?

JS said...

Sounds like an attempt at a Senior Prank to me.

CF009 said...

Why shouldn't kids take sides; that is what their parents do? Why shouldn't kids talk with disrespect about people, especially people in authority since that is what their parents do?
Parents I have been at a bus stop and heard other mothers talk about the teachers as if they are garbage. Their kids were standing right next to them. You may or may not be a Christian, if you are we are called to act as a Christian. If you are not a Christian your faith also calls you to treat others with respect. These teachers are just trying to protect their livelihood. Which one of us does not try to do the same?

momof4 said...

To CF009. Did you speak up at the bus stop or remain silent only to pass judgment later?

William O'Connor said...

NicAndy, who is pointing fingers on this? I assume it was done by a student but don't know that for sure. Like JS said, it very well may be a senior prank.

CF009, I have no problem with kids having an opinion or speaking up. But don't you see the pitfall of having a mob of students meet outside of the school just moments before they are supposed to report inside? Why don't these students come and speak at a school board meeting instead.

Musickid10 said...

I am a senior at Neshaminy High School. I do agree that students should have an opinion. I know I was raised to stand up for what I believe in. However, something about the rally tomorrow does not seem right to me. I have received numerous texts about the rally tomorrow and something isn't adding up. The fact that both sides are to meet at the same place at the same time is very strange. Who ever started this text chain I think is just trying to start something. This is why I myself will not be attending the rally tomorrow and why I have been urging my friends to do the same.

Wat said...

Ha! I am sorry Mr. O'Connot, that is a fine bit of irony you just posted.

Imagine the horror of a mob of students gathering to enter school at the same time? Oh... wait... it's Wednesday! It's the teachers turn to do just that!

CF009 said...

Mr. O'Connor. I also have no problem children or anyone else having their own opinion. I do however feel that you should be knowledgeable about the subject, understand the other side or at least try. I also feel that when giving it there is a time and place (as you said school board meeting) and should be done with respect.

Please understand I was being cynical with my questions. I really feel that the way many parents talk is reflected in the behavior of their kids. We need to be careful as role models.

I read one parent yesterday say that the teachers were being a bad role model. If you talk in a derogatory manner about teachers in front of your children don't be surprised when they talk that way themselves.

CF009 said...

To momof4, No I did not speak my mind right there as I am sure you can imagine position I would have put the other people in.
I also did not want to start an argument with my neighbors especially in front of my kids. The emotions were already running VERY high and that would not have been wise.
Sometimes silence and walking away speaks volumes. I choose to do that.
By the way...I did not pass judgement... as loud as they were there was not need. Lastly, did you pass judgement on motivation and caring of ALL the teachers.