Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Parents React To WTC Letter

Fox 29 News followed up on their report from yesterday with another one at 5pm today, this time including interviews from district parents and our superintendent, Lou Muenker.

Important note - In the midst of this report is a story involving the NFT president. I am not permitting comments about that situation on this blog. Our focus should continue to be on the children of Neshaminy.


NicAndy said...

As usual, Dr. Muenker takes the high road and avoids the negative banter that many people are perpetuating on this blog and on the Neshaminy Parent FB page.

I would also like to say that I happened to be at the High School the other day when the fire alarm went off. In the teacher's defense, I did witness many staff members and teachers directing the students out of the building during the fire drill. I also overheard several staff members discussing "what to do" in regards to the students since the fire alarm apparently was pulled at dismissal time. Some students were asking if they should go to their lockers or bus, and/or if they would be permitted back into the building. Basically, what I witnessed appeared to be a building of individuals not prepared for what to do in such a situation.

I agree with many of the posts that express concerns about the well-being of the children, but I would like to also point out that had this been a real emergency, it is not just the students that could have been in harm's way. The staff and visitors in the building were also put at risk. I understand (from an email that was sent this morning to the building staff from Dr. McGee) that it is believed that a student was responsible for pulling the fire alarm. I only hope that the Administration is able to find the person who is responsible, and that they are held accountable for their behavior. I also hope that the Administration learns from this incident, and will develop a procedure so that in the future, all of the building's occupants are able to evacuate the building in a safe and orderly fashion.

silentmajority19053 said...

William, I can't tell you how it pains me to see this once proud district dragged through the mud. Thankfully we now have at least one Board member that seems determined to keep these latest unfortunate developments from exacerbating the situation.

Please keep working to refocus the rest of the Board on the one task at hand that will make all this ugliness go away . . . .lets get this done!

Not that I ever doubted you, lol.

acs said...

Ms. Boyd is not the issue. She never has been. She is quite ineffective no matter what.
It is great to see parents finally understanding just what the NFT and teachers are all about ....FINALLY. Hope you all join William and all of us at the next board meetings and speak your feelings. You can no longer sit on your rear ends and let other people handle it. The board needs YOUR support.

a bit scared said...


I am concerned that this district is heading down the road of no return. Everyone is sure they are right - the other side is wrong and there is no 'middle ground'. We need someone (maybe you) to take the lead and slow down the rhetoric and look to work things out before Neshaminy becomes a real mess.