Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Officials trade barbs over teachers contract

I'm traveling out of town at the moment so I'll let the Courier Times update you on last night's meeting . . .

It's the most they've talked in months. That's what Louise Boyd, president of the Neshaminy Federation of Teachers, said of a brief banter between her and the board during Tuesday night's public school board meeting. Board President Ritchie Webb responded that Boyd's attitude was disrespectful and not constructive.

Board member William O'Connor said if the district doesn't make significant changes, especially to health care, there will be layoffs and programs cut. "It's not trickery," he said. "It's simple mathematics of the situation in a worldwide economy gone bad."

You can read the entire article by clicking here.

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acs said...

The BCCT summed up Louise's performance perfectly this morning. Clueless out of touch and offensive! William you were much too kind on Tuesday she splapped the students and taxpayers in the face as her crew gave her a standing ovation. Did you notice no one stood from NESPA.