Friday, October 16, 2009

Seniors ask about teacher talks

This update courtesy of the Courier Times . . .

During a forum with more than 30 residents, [Neshaminy School Board president] Webb explained the board’s position and answered questions at the Villages of Flowers Mill in Langhorne. Union President Louise Boyd was also invited to the event, but declined since the union’s policy is not to negotiate in public. She didn’t comment further.

“(Teachers are) great people, who are dedicated to the students and the community,” said Webb. “But if we can’t get them to work with the board, we’ll face even tougher decisions next budget.”

Several residents said they didn’t understand why the board’s offer’s still on the table if the educators already turned it down. Other residents said the teachers are being reasonable. A woman who did not want to give her name said, especially in this economy, the teachers need to contribute to their health insurance premiums.

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acs said...

Here is a great description of the mess we are in. All of this can be applied to NSD except of course our teachers pay no Healthcare and cost us more overall. We have the highest per student cost in PA.

Look how they lay out the pension crisis comoing in next few years.

William do you have all this information for NSD including the foecast of tax increases for PSERS funding? Taxpayers need to know this.

Jose said...

webb said these are great people who care about our community and our children, but last week he said that they will retaliate against any student whose parent stands up against them. how does webb and the rest of the board really feel about the teachers?