Wednesday, October 21, 2009

First meeting of ad hoc committee held

To consolidate or not to consolidate, that is the question. And that's the purpose behind the board's Ad Hoc Facilities Committee which held its first meeting last night in the board room at Maple Point. This initial meeting lasted barely more than an hour as we discussed the guidelines and resources we would use moving forward.

Neshaminy's elementary and middle schools are underutilized in terms of space, and our committee is tasked with examining data and other considerations (of which there are plenty) in order to make recommendations to the board which could include possible closure of one or more buildings. The Ad Hoc committee could also conclude that such closures are not feasible at this time, so residents should not hit the panic button just yet.

Last night's meeting was attended by myself and fellow board member Joe Blasch (Rick Eccles was absent), and district staff Jacqueline Rattigan and Paul Minotti. We were also joined last night by our business manager, Joe Paradise. There were three members of the public who were also in attendance, and we greatly appreciated their input.

We are working on a schedule for future meetings so please check back periodically for further updates.


Newbie said...

Even though we knew for years that Neshaminy Middle would be closed, the final decision was rushed through and the community had very little notice. Please Mr. O'Connor don't let that happen again with an elementary school. If a building has to be closed let's make sure we give people plenty of notice. Thank you.

Enough Already! said...

Wanted to attend, but Heckman is overrun with the flu. When is the next meeting?

Enough Already! said...

Wanted to attend, but Heckman is overrun with the flu. Please keep us updated with future dates!