Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Residents frustrated over teacher protests

From the pages of today's Courier Times . . .

Some called the union's actions intimidating. Union President Louise Boyd said the events were not disruptive. Even though it's been a few weeks since Neshaminy teachers picketed the district's back to school nights, people are still talking about it. During Tuesday night's school board meeting, several residents, many of them parents, expressed their frustration and disappointment in the union's protest.

Boyd also addressed board President Ritchie Webb, saying, "We stand together and (we are) ready for real negotiations." Webb responded that if she was sincere, he was willing to try to set up a meeting.

The board claims the union's proposal remains unchanged, with a request for a total 6 percent annual salary hike, including steps, and a requirement for no change to the medical insurance package, said Webb. Boyd has denied those claims, but she hasn't revealed the union's offer.

Since I am 4,000 miles away and 6 hours ahead, I'll let you guys tell me what happened at the meeting.


ssrudy said...

What can we as residents do to get more people involved in this dispute? Again I say that the teachers are in it for the money only. I am sick of hearing how much they love our children leave the children out of this. What are they hiding because we hear the same thing from Louis Boyd which is nothing, why don't they let us know the facts. Here are some fact: 256 out of 700 teachers live in our distrit, they only work 7hrs a day 80 teachers make 98,000 to 99,000 a year, 276 teachers make 90,000 to 97,000 I can go on and on. Stop passing the buck on to the board. And they should not wear their nft shirts on fridays either. Can you tell I one of the frustrated residents

TFR1984 said...

You didn't miss anything William. The NFT says it wants real negotiations but shows zero sign of making any concessions. Their definition of negotiation is they sit there waiting for the board to change its offer, then they decide when its good enough for them to say yes. Until then Louise Boyd will continue to deny that the board's offer is what it is but she will refuse to explain herself.