Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Feds investigating claims against district

From today's front page headlines . . .

Federal officials are investigating three separate discrimination claims against the Neshaminy School District: one for alleged bias against female athletes; a second involving alleged discrimination against a student with disabilities; and a third alleging sexual harassment of a student, officials confirmed Tuesday afternoon.

Citing litigation issues, Superintendent Lou Muenker said he was unable to comment on the cases.
The first complaint, filed in August 2008, alleges the district discriminated against female athletes in regards to equipment, supplies, game schedules, practice times, locker rooms and assignment and compensation of coaches, according to Jim Bradshaw of the U.S. Department of Education's press office.

Several parents in the district have received letters asking to interview their children as possible witnesses.

The federal office received a complaint in May of this year alleging the district had denied a student with disabilities a free appropriate public education with respect to the evaluation, placement and discipline of the student, Bradshaw said.

A third case was opened in September after a complainant accused the district of subjecting a student to a sexually hostile environment and failing to address the harassment, officials said.

The investigations don't mean Neshaminy is automatically guilty of any wrongdoing, according to the Office of Civil Rights' Web Site.

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