Sunday, March 1, 2009

Public reaction to union demands

In today's Courier Times were two letters in which citizens voiced their displeasure with the teachers' contract demands. Here are a few quotes from those letters . . .
* Maybe these teachers have been out of the real world for so long that they have no grip on reality. When is the last time you had a 6 percent raise or didn't have your medical insurance cost go up?
* The union leadership should wear masks when they negotiate and the school board needs to stick to its guns.
* It is an absolute insult to all the taxpayers in the district who are pinching pennies wherever they can to make it through the current crisis . . .
* Congratulations to the Neshaminy school board for sticking to its guns.
You can read both letters by clicking here and here.

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Dagonet said...

I'm curious about what the "go forward" options really are for the school board.

1.) Settling for additional pay/benefits doesn't seem like an option. I believe I would be one of many who would not accept that outcome.

2.) Continue working under the existing contract - teachers don't get any more, but don't give back anything. In this climate, it seems like this is their best option / plan. Is this accurate?

3.) Plan and execute a lockout at the end of this school year - begin rehire of new staff for next year? What are the options here?

4.) What other options exist? Forced mediation doesn't seem acceptable to anyone. Thoughts?

Anyone familiar with the intricacies of labor relations law?