Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Board debates options for deficit

Another Canelli recap of Tuesday's board meeting . . .

Charge community groups to use buildings. Eliminate or reduce lead teachers. Decrease the number of bus routes. These are just a few of the suggestions that the Neshaminy school board debated during a strategic action committee meeting Monday night as members combed through a portion of a 70-plus-recommendation list from the public to cut the deficit.

The board voted 7-2 to let administrators further pursue charging community groups a to-be-determined utility fee to keep the heat and lights on in larger areas like gyms and cafeterias. But board members Frank Koziol and Richard Eccles voted against the motion. He (Eccles) said certified staff members should find the $14 million through union concessions and by asking teachers what programs they don't need.

Board member William O'Connor, though, called the fees the lesser of two evils since officials may need to eliminate programs. William Spitz agreed, saying it's the board's decision, not the teachers', to make cuts.

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