Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Neshaminy unplugged

Monday's meeting was fairly benign. The only potential budget cut that gave me agita was a $226k reduction to our IT spending. If we are already lagging behind other districts in technology, then we are not properly preparing our students for the future. Technology education is every bit as important today as is English, Math, Science, History, etc. These reductions, combined with the significant technology reductions made last year, will result in us being significantly off the path of our original technology improvement plan which was approved by the Board in 2006.

Have I mentioned recently how much I hate this current economic situation?

Ms. Canelli summarized Monday's meeting in Tuesday's Courier article, Board searching to trim $14M gap.

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Bob Guglielmi said...

Truthfully, they can cut more. There hasn't been anything done with technology in an instructional nature for years now. Sure we have VOIP phones, and the capability of distance learning, just no one able to use it. These are pet projects, it's not a comprehensive technology plan to benefit students and staff.