Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Details of offer to Administrators released

The Neshaminy School Board today released details of its contract offer to the District's Administrators. According to the press release, the Board offered Administrators the same salary and benefits package proposed for teachers. If accepted, this proposal will save taxpayers over $250,000 next year. The proposal also calls for elimination of the retirement incentive program (cash payment and benefits package), and elimination of longevity payments.

The Board hopes to finalize an agreement with the Administrators (NSDAA) in the near future.

To read the complete press release, go to the Negotiation Website (look under "Current Information").


LivininLevittown said...

They should have gotten no increase and be happy with that. At least they will start paying benefits. This deal could be better for taxpayers but I will credit the board for sticking together and not giving in. If the old board had those guts 6 years ago we wouldn't be in this mess now.

JS said...

Well there is still no guarantee that the Administrators will take this offer. Remember their contract isn't up until June.

I think everyone wants the Board to shoot low, but I doubt that will happen. Hopefully we can claw back some on this contract and then claw back more on the next one.

I would have definitely liked some more information on what the Administrators had on their prior contract. We know what the teachers would be losing. The Administrators might not be losing all that much (I only say that because we don't know the exact details of the past contract)

Bill said...

The Administrators have virtually the identical contract as the teachers when it comes to benefits. Every benefit item mentioned in the press release -- medical plan, contribution, opt-out reduction, retirement incentive, longevity -- represents a giveback that the Board is requesting.

William Spitz
Neshaminy School Board