Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Talks break down

The following statement was just issued on the Neshaminy School Board's Negotiation Website . . .

Tonight’s 27th meeting between the Board and NFT negotiation teams ended before it began as representatives from the Neshaminy Federation of Teachers refused to discuss the subject of health care, despite recent comments by NFT President Louise Boyd to the contrary

According to School Board President Ritchie Webb, the meeting started out with both parties in separate rooms as is always the case, and the Board directed the State-appointed mediator to ask the NFT to enter the meeting to discuss health care and retro pay. Neshaminy’s solicitor, Chuck Sweet, also asked the mediator to seek clarification from Ms. Boyd on her recent quote to the Philadelphia Inquirer in which she stated that the NFT would not make any concessions.

The mediator left the room and met with the NFT team to propose the Board’s agenda. A few minutes later, the mediator returned and told the Board the NFT did not want to discuss any of those issues, and the mediator said that there was no reason to stay. No meeting was going to take place.

Earlier this evening the NFT, through its PR firm, issued a statement that the Board cancelled tonight’s meeting. Mr. Webb insisted that is completely untrue. “We only proposed a couple of discussion items through the mediator, and we expected the NFT would comply given Ms. Boyd’s recent statements,” Webb said. “I am at a loss to explain why the NFT would say they were open to discussing health care, only to refuse to talk about it tonight, and then blame the meeting cancellation on the Board,” he said.

No new talks have been scheduled.

“The Board remains open to negotiations with the teachers,” Webb continued, “but at some point we have to discuss the issues that the NFT doesn’t seem to want to talk about.”



Mark said...

I am thrilled at this action by the board. The agenda must be agreed upon prior to the negotiations. That is the element that must be adhered to. If the NFT refuses to agree to an agenda that includes discussion around health-care and retro pay then there is no reason to waist anyone's time. Great job by the board.

Real World said...

Hate talk, redefined by Louise is any talk, fact, thought that refutes the union and their tactics to fleece the community. Any teachers who have been stunned into silence have been so because they can't beleive what their leadership is doing to them. The page is designed to give a very few long term teachers a last gasp of air before the roof caves in on them. How sad that they are so desperate to fight a losing battle instead of taking the current offer, a good one by todays standards, ingratiating themselves to the people they serve, stepping up their efforts to raise their educational rankings in Pa. and show us that maybe next contract they DESERVE a raise.

calfonso97 said...

My hat is off to the Board for its courageous stand. FACTS: Louise openly stated to the media that the NFT will not give a cent out of their paychecks to the community. This amazing arrogance was followed by her refusal to discuss retro pay and Health Care contributions with the Board. Yes, there was NO need to have any meeting under those circumstances. BRAVO, Mr. Webb!!! BRAVO!!!