Friday, December 31, 2010

Mediator hoping to meet union, district

According to the Courier Times, state mediator John Cairns is intending to set up separate meetings with the Board's negotiation team and representatives from the NFT. The article noted that "Board President Ritchie Webb said that Cairns' intention is to discuss the economy and the district's ability to pay for a contract. After Cairns meets with the union and the board, he could call for another joint bargaining session, Webb said."

In previous statements to the newspaper, Louise Boyd claimed that the board's proposal has remained unchanged for more than two years, while the teachers have offered compromises, including narrowing talking points to exclude issues like class size and considering the board's suggested money-saving, self-insured prescription plan.

Ritchie Webb has countered by saying the board doesn't see those issues as concessions.

To see Mr. Webb's entire response to the Courier Times, visit the board's negotiation website.


Blume said...

Sorry I haven't posted in a while Mr. O but I want to encourage you to keep doing what your doing. It's obvious that the new nft public relations strategy is to paint you as a villain but don't let it get you down.
First the union's strategy was to stay silent but that failed. Then they worked to contract and that failed. Next strategy was to make it seem like all they care about is education and that is failing. Now they are attacking you and are dismissing parents as a vocal minority. It will be just another failed idea by the union.
We love our teachers but they have to come back down to planet earth with their expectations. Thanks to you and all the board members for having the strength to keep fighting for our district.

Real World said...

i second that Mr O and board, you were right on the money pre certifying the negotiation session Tueday night. The NFT was livid because you caught them in a bluff.

acs said...

Agree. The NFT wanted to try and make the NSB look bad for PR advantage. This PR stuff has become a real game for Boyd now and she is losing it badly. Good job on the NSB statement. Keep telling the truth.