Thursday, December 2, 2010

NFT is on the air

Earlier today, the NFT unveiled some new wrinkles in their PR campaign. A radio commercial has been playing throughout the day on NJ101.5, and a new website has merged onto the information highway.

The message follows suit to what we've been hearing over the past couple of weeks - the NFT is confident that the Neshaminy community will reunite ... the NFT is proposing solutions to the challenges our schools face ... the NFT calls upon the Board to support their proposed solutions.

First it was a full page Ad in the Courier, then hiring a PR advisor, and now it's a new website and radio commercials. Must be nice to have all that money.

Despite the efforts of an expensive and impressive PR campaign, it's too little, too late. Had the NFT used this tactic 2+ years ago, it might have deflected public attention away from the unaffordable costs of the teachers contract. But the public has become informed and involved, and there's nothing that the PR guy can do to spin that.

You can change the conversation, but you can't change reality.