Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Update regarding next negotiation session

As you are aware, there is another negotiation session between the NFT and the School Board's negotiation team on Wednesday evening. Due to vacations and other scheduling conflicts, some of our school board members will be out of town through the weekend. We wanted to alert you that we will not be issuing statements/comments after the Wednesday session until we have been able to review any developments with the entire Board. Chances are this means the earliest you will receive a statement/comment from the Board is early next week.

We hope you'll agree that the Neshaminy Board has been dedicated to transparency throughout these negotiations, and you understand that this delay in notification is only necessary so that the full Board can be apprised of the negotiation session prior to it becoming public knowledge.

1 comment:

Real World said...

Why do we, the employers of these teachers, electors of this board, need to WAIT til next week to find out what our employee's have offered not to strike or strike and stick it to our kids. How did this power get so misdirected, we need to TAKE IT BACK!!!!!