Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Will a voice rise above?

That's the question posed in a guest opinion appearing in today's Courier Times. Author Larry Pastor writes:

With all the recent developments in Neshaminy School District, you likely missed the restart and halt of the teachers' contract negotiations. After publicly demanding the board resume negotiations during a raucous performance at the May 19 meeting, Louise Boyd, the teachers union president, abruptly canceled a June 30 meeting. After two full years of non-negotiations, her excuse was they needed more time.

. . . Thanks to sound fiscal management by the board, taxpayers can live without a teachers contract for awhile. We also owe thanks to the support staff, especially courageous bus drivers like Chuck Torpey, who with great eloquence publicly expressed the need for all district employees to give back.

There has to be a Chuck Torpey among teachers, ready to stand up to a misguided union and do the right thing. It can't be easy watching neighbors struggle financially while their union pursues excess in an aggressive self-interested quest for an unjustified and unaffordable contract. It takes one brave voice to lead the way.

You can read the guest opinion in its entirety by clicking here.

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