Sunday, July 25, 2010

The (Courier) Times are changing

The Courier Times announced today a change in assignments of their school district and municipal beat reporters.

Neshaminy will be losing Rachel Canelli, who has been reporting on our district since 2005. I thank Rachel for her years of dispassionate, objective reporting, and wish her well in her new assignments. Thank you, Rachel! If you have a few moments, please email Rachel a note of thanks to

Our new beat reporter is Christian Menno. I assume Christian will be attending our next meeting on August 24th. Please take time to welcome Christian to our community by emailing him at


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Pianomom said...

Good luck to Rachel and thank you for the good work she did for us. I had the pleasure of speaking with her after a meeting and she was so kind. What a beautiful and charming young lady she is. You have some big shoes to fill Christian and you will see that us neshaminy people care for our kids and our school district very much. If you need to know anything about neshaminy William is the person you should talk to or just come to his web site.