Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Back to the table

The following statement was posted on the Board's Negotiation Website . . .

The June 30th negotiation session with the NFT has been rescheduled for Wednesday, July 21st.


abc123 said...

Where have all your fans gone?

I do feel sorry for you some times Mr. O'Connor. You, Webb and the others make this big deal about transparency and keeping the public informed, and look what you get for it. Oh sure they all flock to your blog when things are looking bad for the employees. When there were rumors of outsourcing nespa workers your blog was filled with comments and meetings were jammed with people. But once outsourcing was not going to happen, all the people left. No more blogging.

Here you have just made an annoucement that talks are resuming, and you would think that your blog would be jammed with comments, but it's not. I guess people only like to blog when there is bad news. You can't even blame it on summer vacation because traffic on your little blog has been light for a while now. Don't take it personally because it happened to the Courier Times blog too.

Look at what happened at the Neshaminy Facebook page started by a parent. Hundreds of people have been screaming at the teachers on that page and its perfectly ok but the minute one teacher gets on to defend her point everyone all of a sudden cries foul. Now the owner of that Facebook page has removed all the comments made by that teacher. I understand that the public may not believe in how teachers are compensated, but have teachers also lost the right to express an opinion?

If the NFT was smart they would stop their work to rule strategy. If that happened and talks resumed, most of the public would just slink back into their recliners because there would be nothing bad to blog about. It doesn't even matter if this contract impasse lasted for years, just as long as the public doesn't see or notice it.

The board had a nice ride this year with all the headlines and editorials, and the public all standing behind you. It was easy to stand tall then. What will you people do next year when the crowds stop coming and the bloggers stop blogging? What will your negotiation team do when they actually have to sit down and negotiate instead of playing to the reporters?

I am curious to see if you people have what it takes to lead Neshaminy beyond this problem. Having Fox news and the courier times on your side won't bring us any closer to solving this problem. At some point the board is actually going to have to do something other than listening to the mob.

Enjoy your summer because I think you are going to need the rest. August is right around the corner so you don't have much time to wait.

acs said...

William did you write all that garbage above YOURSELF just to get a thread going?

William O'Connor said...

Wish I had that kind of time. To be honest, I was enjoying the quiet!

And since I'm commenting, let me point out that the teacher on the Neshaminy Parent's FB removed those comments themselves, according to the page's author.

Someone told me recently that a reader on the Courier blog has been calling me out but I've ignored them (not intentionally, just don't have the time to engage them), so perhaps they are going out of there way to find me.

Levittowner said...

everyone is on facebook now, abc123...did you not notice that?

forthestudents said...

abc123 . . . we're not "gone". Still hopeful regarding the next negotiation session. This taxpayer appreciates how Mr. O'Connor and the entire school board via its website has kept us informed. They have truly been transparent! I would agree that it would be wise for the NFT to halt the "work to contract" action but I disagree that parents would no longer be paying attention. All this is doing is angering students and parents! This school board has done a terrific job representing taxpayers and parents (and students). Oh, and by the way, don't give the local FOX29 channel too much credit. Once the teachers stopped attending the board meetings, did you notice they stopped covering the story in our district? Guess the NFT got to them, too.

JS said...

I would like to ask one more time.

In the Collective Bargaining agreement, Section 10-41 it states the following:

The Federation should encourage all staff members to provide service beyond the regular school day to participate in programs designed to improve teaching skills, as well as help and counsel children.

Isn't the NFT work-to-contract directive directly in breach of this part of the CBA? I can't see why after school help, class web sites, etc. don't qualify as "programs designed to help and counsel children"?

Seriously, by putting the WTC orders in writing isn't the NFT violating that section? Besides that they also include resigning from all committees that aren't mandatory so they are again discouraging participation in programs.

Mr. O why hasn't the board called them on this?

Any parents reading this, please feel free to bring it up at the next Board Meeting. Or Mr. Pastor, I know you are out there, you can feel free to use the topic as well.

WTC orders can't possibly not be in violation as I see it. Maybe the heat is getting to me.

William O'Connor said...

JS, yes this would appear to be a violation of the past practice established in the last contract. The question remains is it actionable?

The Board is aware of the public's concerns in this regard and we are reviewing all our options at this time. We will keep the community informed once we receive an opinion from our legal experts regarding WTC.