Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Makeover for NCLB

Yesterday I had the opportunity to meet with Libby Masiuk, a Legislative Assistant in Congressman Patrick Murphy's Washington DC office. The topic was how to improve No Child Left Behind. I stated my concerns regarding NCLB with emphasis on the need to change how students with learning disabilities are expected to score proficiently based on their grade level (by definition, a child with a learning disability is at least 2 years behind their grade). I also shared my concern with Ms. Masiuk that our officials in DC are speaking to national organizations and special interest groups when they hold hearings on NCLB, and I strongly suggested regional hearings with actual school district representatives testifying on how best to improve the program.

Ms. Masiuk agreed to bring my comments back to Congressman Murphy with the intent that he can share them with the Chair of the Congressional Committee on Education and Labor, Rep. George Miller.

I'm not sure if my words will do any good but as the Great Gretzky once said, 100% of the shots you don't take, don't go in.

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Pianomom said...

So many complain about NCLB and property tax reform but few do anything about it. Yet despite your commitment to the school board you have gone the extra mile to involve yourself in these very important issues beyond the scope of the average school board member. Thank you for your ongoing service to the community.