Thursday, August 6, 2009

Blasch to seek re-election

I am pleased to report that current school board member Joe Blasch will be seeking re-election in November, replacing the Democratic candidate for Lower South, Kirsten Garber, who withdrew from the election due to personal reasons. Blasch's application to replace Garber is pending approval by the Bucks County Board of Elections.

You may recall that during the primaries I did not endorse either the Democratic or Republican school board candidate from Lower South. I didn’t really know either one of them and was not comfortable throwing my support to someone I could not vouch for. Now it’s a whole new ballgame in Lower South.

There are few people I trust more than Joe Blasch, and I have come to depend on his wisdom and integrity during my time on the board. I can’t think of a better person to represent the students, parents and taxpayers of Neshaminy. I hope the voters of Lower South feel the same way.

Great to have you back in the game, Joe!


sportsfan said...

Just wanted to break the ice and post a comment for Joe. I don't go to the meetings but I have noticed that Joe votes the right way, for the kids (education) and for us (the taxpayers).
Good luck in the election Joe !!!

I Must Be Living in Jersey said...

If he gets a thumbs up from Mr. O, then he's ok in my book. It's nice to see a senior who cares about good education.