Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Voting against own budget

State Rep Frank Farry joined 4 other Bucks County representatives to oppose a Senate GOP budget plan that would have cut expenses including some of the Governor's educational spending. The bill now goes back to the Senate, and all sides predicted a six-member, bipartisan conference committee of senators and representatives would be appointed to attempt to find common ground.

You can read more about this in today's Courier Times.

I wish our elected officials good luck in trying to settle on a responsible budget that doesn't grab federal stimulus money intended for educational initiatives.


Tim said...

When I read your PSBA post the other day I thought you were going to turn into a republican basher. I am pleased to see you printed this update about Mr. Farry.

In a time when politicians are too caught up in partisanship you remain fair and balanced. Thank you William for keeping us informed.

Newbie said...

I am very pleased that Mr. Farry did not follow the republican senators on this bill that would have increased our school taxes. Thank you sir.