Friday, July 24, 2009

Neshaminy makes AYP

The preliminary data is in and it looks like Neshaminy avoided a repeat of last year's darkest days moment by achieving Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP) in accordance with NCLB requirements. Neshaminy met 70 of 72 targets, with our only missed goals being the high school IEP subgroup in Math and English. All schools in the District made AYP with the exception of NHS, but that did not prevent Neshaminy from achieving AYP as a district.

The state will officially publish the school and grade-specific scores later this Summer. Once this data is available, we will then have a chance to really drill down into the numbers to see where we have made progress and where we need continued development.


Casey said...

I'm sure if scores went down they would blame it on Kadri. Since scores appear to have improved I am sure many will step forward to take credit. The good news here is that we won't go through another bashing at the hands of the Courier's editorial staff.

Congratulations to the students, the faculty, and to the members of the education committee (I think that's you, isn't it?).

sk.langhorne said...

Last year Rick Eccles said he made that darkest days comment because he was looking out for all students including those in the special groups. Will he be there again for those kids this year, or will he just be silent since Paul Kadri left?

Musickid10 said...

As a student of Neshaminy High School, I am proud to find out that the Neshaminy School District made AYP. The teachers worked very hard with the students in order to ensure the best results when taking the PSSA's.

Thank you to all the staff and administration of the Neshaminy School District.

This year's students gave Mr. Eccles a flashlight to help him in HIS darkest days.