Sunday, July 5, 2009

Here comes Mr. Angry Eyes!

No sooner do I write a post about my frustrations with people who don't pay attention to meetings comes a letter to the Courier Times that accuses the Board of sneaking through a decision to eliminate the midday Kindergarten bus run.

Tina Conturso of Middletown assumes that the Neshaminy School Board "quickly and quietly" pushed that decision through because we didn't mention it during the June 16th public meeting. Perhaps if Ms. Conturso were paying attention prior to the last meeting of the year, she would have known that the board had been discussing for months more than 70, count 'em - SEVENTY, budget reduction measures.

We spent more than 40 meetings (public, strategic planning, committees) discussing how to bring our budget back under control. Sorry that we didn't mention the midday K bus run during the one meeting that she just happened to observe.

If you haven't read Ms. Conturso's letter, just click here.


srodos said...

Elimination of the mid-day bus for kindergarten students was discussed early in the budget process.
The approximately $85,000 reduction in expenses was placed into the budget and hardly ever mentioned again. The Board however, never addresses the basic question; why do we transport fewer students,fewer miles for more money than Pennsbury and/or Council Rock?

Newbie said...

If I didn't start reading your blog several months ago I probably would have been like Mrs. Conturso. It is hard to keep up with Neshaminy news with all the other daily demands we adults have. I hope someone will send Mrs. Conturso a link to your blog so she can stay informed. Thank you for keeping us in the loop William.

Wing Man said...

I wouldn't get all upset over her letter because most people know the board discussed these issues for many months. If you look at the courier blog hardly anyone commented, and you know how much people over there will take shots at the school board if they can. Aside from a couple people who are in Pennsbury, the only other comment was you laying the smackdown on conturso. I think you set her straight.