Monday, November 17, 2008

Saying goodbye to Paul Kadri

It’s been a tumultuous couple of years for Mr. Kadri, but despite the challenges he can say that he left Neshaminy better off than when he arrived. Our PSSA test scores are up, spending is down, and not since Gary Bowman have we seen a superintendent so involved in the day-to-day lives of our children.

This post is devoted to saying goodbye to Paul Kadri, and I invite you to add any kind, parting thoughts you would like to share with him.


Pianomom said...

Good luck to you Mr. Kadri. I wish we had treated you better. You were an innovator and visionary, and this is another sad day in Neshaminy history.

I must be living in Jersey said...

Neshaminy's loss is Groton's gain. Some board members and those who fear change may not miss you but the parents of this community will. Best of luck, Paul.

Gabriel said...

Good luck and Gods speed to you Paul Kadri. I hope you will stay in touch with us via William's blog. I will be watching for some amazing things to happen in Groton, Connecticut.

nostradamus said...

I predict success and happiness for you in Groton but that really isn't saying much after what you experienced here. Unfortunately the crystal ball is a little cloudier for Neshaminy.

IrishFarm said...

Good things happen to good people. You deserve a school board that will appreciate and support you. I cannot say anything more than what the others above me have said. We parents will miss you

Rebecca said...

When the board decided at the last moment to close Neshaminy Middle I thought it would be a terrible disaster for our children. How could anyone close down a school on such short notice. I thought it would be done in the middle of the night and we would show up one day to find the doors closed. Instead you met with parents and students over and over again. You reassured our children that everything would be ok. You turned a potential disaster into something better.

I may not have gotten over Neshaminy Middle but I feel better knowing that you cared. You did everything possible to make the transition easier. You were always honest with the parents and we trusted you because of your honesty. I don't know how I feel about our future but I do know we are better off for having you these past 2 years.

Best wishes for success in your new career!

sportsfan said...

Worst Trades in History

1. Paul Kadri – Neshaminy Superintendent
Traded to the Groton School District for a player to be named later. Had the support from 99.9% of the fans (teachers and parents). Again, Bucks County is laughing at Neshaminy.

2. Babe Ruth – Traded from the Red Sox to the Yankees in 1920 for only $10,000.

3. Kobe Bryant – Drafted 13th by Charlotte then traded to the Lakers for Vlade Divac.

4. John Elway – Drafted by the Colts and then traded to the Denver Broncos.

5. Kevin Garnett – Traded from Minnesota to Boston, then the Celtics win the NBA championship.
Thank You, Mr. Kadri. You did so much to help our educational system here at Neshaminy. Your amazing skills and vision were not appreciated here by a small minority. Your positive legacy in our community will always be remembered.

Erik said...

You will be missed by all those who shared your vision for a better Neshaminy. But when some people cannot see beyond their own nose it is impossible for them to see that far. I hope your new district will be more accepting of change than Neshaminy. People here are willing to change as long as everything can stay the same.

Teach & Live said...

With a sad heart, I can only wish you the best of luck in your new position, while I selfishly wish that you had been able to stay. As a teacher in the district, it was phenomenal to know that a superintendant cared so much about the teachers and children he watched over. Neshaminy is now like a ship without a rudder and I fear where it may lead the children and their future. You will truely be missed.