Sunday, November 16, 2008

Alt Ed program on the move?

Maintaining an alternative education program at Tawanka has been both educationally successful and expensive. Often the topic of debate, the Alt Ed program comes under scrutiny once again during Monday’s Strategic Action Committee meeting at Lower South Elementary (November 17th, 7pm). In an effort to maintain the Alt Ed program more economically, the Board will discuss potential relocation of the program to the BELC area of the high school.

Public comment at Monday’s meeting is welcome and encouraged.

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Levittowner said...

Wasn't it looking like it would move to Einstein? I understand it is looking like Einstein might be made a central warehouse/mainentance place? Is my memory correct?

Also, if the IU is interested in renting out the Tawanka building, would it be possible for the students to stay there?

I am astounded that the program being moved to the high school is actually still being hashed around. Didn't Mr. Kadri ask the board members to "show him" please how it was even going to be done?

Was last year's discussions even remembered?