Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Courier Times: Teachers should pay for benefits, open up negotiations

Today’s Courier Times editorial touches upon a couple of old favorites – teacher benefits and open contract negotiations. While the editorial may not be breaking any new ground, it’s worth a look.


LivininLevittown said...

Yes to both ideas. The board should finally do what is necessary to get negotiations to move forward. I'm tired of reading that there is no progress.

Jake said...

I support our teachers but Daddy's got to pay the bills. Our costs must come down. I pay for my benefits. Most everyone else does this also. Please find a way to get this issue done.

JS said...

I agree that they need to pay something.

I also like the idea that if they are going to get retro pay increases, the teachers should also pay retroactive health premiums should that be a part of the future contract.

Right now it would make sense for the teachers not to settle. Wait and not pay health premiums for as long as possible, then sign the new contract, get retroactive pay raises (which is customary in all contracts) and get the extra months free of health care.

Lisa said...

My goodness!! It is time for the teachers to get a grip and realize that the rest of the world pays at least a percentage of their health insurance. With the salaries that they make I don't think they will go broke unlike the rest of us who are going broke paying for ours and theirs!! Get over yourselves and do what is right for all of us in the district. Times are hard and that is too much of a burden for taxpayers to take on.