Thursday, May 8, 2008

Two important meetings

There are two very important board committee meetings coming up next week. I strongly encourage your attending either one or both, depending on which issues are most important to you.

1. Education Development Committee (Monday May 12th, 6pm – Board Room)
The topic of mandating PSSA proficiency as a graduation requirement will be discussed. This is your chance to see and hear the senior educators in our district that advocate this idea. It’s an emotional issue with strong arguments both for and against.

2. Board Policies Committee (Tuesday May 13th, 6pm – C&I Room)
Discussion regarding formation of a personnel committee. You all know my feelings on this one . . . until this district and this board can restore public confidence in how it manages the hiring process, no way should we implement a personnel committee. That would be like putting the mice in charge of the cheese. I would support a citizens’ oversight panel, but that is not up for consideration.

Committee meetings are smaller, less formal than board meetings, and they are excellent opportunities to observe the recommendations that are eventually passed along to the full board for consideration. Attendee participation during the meetings is encouraged, and is much more interactive than at board meetings.


I voted Hell No said...

To quote someone from another thread: The new Personnel Committee has already been formed. All future administrators will be hired by Lou Muenker, Rick Eccles, and Howard Lindner.

In all seriousness, there may be times when the board should have a little more input into the hiring process. But that can only happen when the community is convinced the board is working in the best interests of the district instead of rewarding political allies.

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Anonymous said...

Mr. O'Connor, in your previous post you said that a vote for a GOP candidate in Langhorne or Levittown was a vote for Mr. Lindner. I feel the same way about a vote for the personnel committee. It appears that he and others have infiltrated the process, and most board are either a part of it or choose to ignore it. Since that is how I (and I assume many others) feel about our board, why on Earth would we want to give them even more power and control? If they are watching over hirings, who is watching over THEM? Thankfully, the answer seems to be you and Mr. Spitz, and maybe Mr. Blash and Ms. Cummings. But that's not enough. We must believe the entire board and administration is above such political nonsense.

Anonymous said...

Maybe each Board member should get one free appointment during their 4 year term, for which they would have to sign. After that they can be outed at will by anyone and then they have to defend themselves in an open board meeting at which time they must respond to questions by the public.Then they must resign from the School Board.

Anonymous said...

You'll have to give Mr. O'Connor an instruction manual. Eccles helped his campaign manager's family member get an administration job. O'Connor only got his family member in the sub pool. Wow, that's a mighty powerful hammer you swing there, Mr. O'Connor :-)

I know in my heart you didn't really do that. I just find it funny you're accused of doing something, after you blow a whistle on someone else, and the best they can do is say you got your child in the sub pool. Oh my, the scandal.

Ignorance is bliss said...

Let's see, hmmmm, the board ignored the recommendation of an entire group of administrators for the AD position. Then they ignore a political favor which benefitted Lindner's family member. This board wants to ignore the facts, then cannot understand why the public is sketical of their integrity and ability.

I'd rather leave a decision to a coin toss than to the board.

KAC said...

Kadri is pulling in about $161000; Muenker about $138,000 (Reference: Do you really believe that over a quarter of a million dollars worth of expertise is not enough to hire qualified, quality teachers/administrators?

Do you think the insurance salesman, food service director, consultant, restaurant owner, and retired gentleman are the folks that possess that extra wisdom to push us over the top in the hiring game? Give me a break.