Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Recommendation due on teacher contract negotiations

According to an article in the Courier Times, “Today, a fact-finder, assigned by the state Department of Labor Relations, is scheduled to make a recommendation after reviewing both sides' cases . . .”

Up until now both sides have described progress as slow. Unfortunately there is not more I can tell you because I cannot participate in the negotiations, so I’m pretty much hearing things at the same time as you.

Please feel free to add your comments regarding this situation BUT please keep your opinions respectful and on-topic. I will not publish insults, unfair attacks on either side, or baseless rumors.

When you read the Courier Times article, you can also add your comments at the bottom of that story. Here is a link to that article.


I must be living in Jersey said...

What? You won't publish insults or attacks? That doesn't sound like much fun :-)

Seriously, thanks for the update on the article as I hadn't seen it. I hope that after the fact finder reports his recommendation, the district will post both sides' offers on their website or yours. while negotiations are private, the public also has a right to know what's on the table.

Thank you for keeping us updated.

Anonymous said...

Great comment by Eccles and it really hits the nail on the head; people are hurting and it is time for the union and their perks to be brought in line with what the tax payers are experiencing in the corporate world.

Anonymous said...

At a previous meeting that gentleman from Flowers Mill who always talks about fulltime kindergarten made a great statement. He said that I want to continue to attract the best teachers with a good salary, so we should not expect to cut or freeze salaries. However he added that benefit contributions should be comparable to what private companies charge, which is around 25%. We can't realistically expect teachers to kick in 25% all of a sudden, but it is something we should work towards. It will probably take several contracts before that happens.

sk in Langhorne said...

I would take Jersey's comment one step further. Why not let the public be the fact finders and recommend what the teachers should get? I love our teachers and what they do for our children, but there is also a limit to what we can afford. They should have good pay and good benefits, but they must be realistic.

For those who think teacher salaries should be cut and they should pay benfits, you must also be realistic. You cannot ask them to accept such a drastic change in one year.

I agree with Anonymous above - continue paying good salaries and start phasing in benefit contributions.

To our school board and the teachers union - all of us are counting on you to come up with a reasonable agreement. Please negotiate in good faith for the sake of our children.

Thank you

really disgusted said...

I have to agree that we should phase in their contributions to benefits. I work for an insurance company and good heavens...they're the cost of benefits is killing everyone! My employer, me everyone! It's a reality that we need them and am happy to work for a company that offers great benefits so I'll pay my contributions. We, including the certified staff, should be grateful that NSD offers a good package. They could offer minimal coverage and a lousy package so you have to take the good with the bad (paying for them).

My point is - if I have to pay for them (and my contribution is 20%) so should the certified staff in any school district. There pay is one of the highest in the state. When you have taxpayers that don't have benefits, is it reasonable to ask them to foot your entire bill? I am sure we could debate that (they could find better work, etc) but remember it takes all kind of employment to make the world go round.
For salaries, we need to remember the state of our economy. Many people did not get a raise this year.
We need to press our representatives that they need to do more to help us out!

Anonymous said...

I think this is a time for our district to shine on both sides of the bargaining table. Pennsbury went through a horrible time and did permanent damage to the reputation of their districts.

Hopefully the board and the teacher's union will work together and show our community that they have learned from Pennsbury's mistakes.

Our teachers and our school board work hard through issues. There may be interference and disagreements but hopefully they will work through this with sincere efforts and political agendas put aside.

Anonymous said...

I agree anonymous. Pennsbury parents are still holding a grudge and the reputation of their district has gone down the tubes..especially with regard to their staff.
I think our board and union will be able to meet in the middle. It will take hard work on both sides. I have faith in our teachers.