Monday, May 12, 2008

Proof is in the pudding

The latest victim in this current fuel price crunch is food costs. We see it at the grocery store and at restaurants, and it has even hit Neshaminy though you wouldn't know that based on our prices. Our students continue to pay less for school lunches than anywhere else in Bucks County. The chart to the right shows that we fall $.25 below the county average for high school and middle school lunches, and $.32 less for elementary lunches. With Neshaminy's Food Services staff projecting a shortfall, it's no surprise that they are recommending price increases beginning September 2008. If the recommendation is accepted by the board, school lunches will increase by $.30 for all grade levels.

Not all the board members agree with the recommendation. Frank Koziol believes that a 14+% increase in lunch prices exceeds the increase in food costs and is therefore excessive. Business Manager Joe Paradise countered Koziol's position by pointing out that Neshaminy rarely increases its lunch costs (last time was September 2004), and the suggested increase will bring Neshaminy in line with the other area school districts.

Here is an article in today's Courier Times regarding the impact of fuel prices on area school district food programs.

What do you think? Should Neshaminy raise its school lunch prices?


Anonymous said...

While I'd rather not see an increase in school lunch prices, I cannot deny the logic as to why it's necessary. A 30 cent increase seems reasonable.

I wouldn't mind if they raised it by 50 cents for the middle and high school students if they could increase the portions a little. My high schooler comes home famished after classes because the lunch meals just aren't adequate enough.

Why should I be fair about it? said...

I was going to agree with you Anonymous because it only seems fair that if the district's costs go up, then my costs go up. But then I started thinking how people like Frank Koziol and our senior citizens all complain when taxes go up by the rate of inflation. For some reason, they don't think the laws of supply and demand should have to apply to them. So if they want a zero tax increase, then I don't want to pay more for my children's school lunches. If nobody else is going to be realistic about cost increases, then why should I?

lets meet half way said...

I trust most of the board and the school administration in making the correct recommendation. I also agree with "why should I be fair about it". Very good post. That's why a guy like Koziol is destructive to a board.
His comments and suggestions are not realistic. But usually Paradise and the administration are too nice and actually give him an answer which makes sense. I say, a ridiculous suggestion deserves a ridiculous answer. So if Koziol says only a 5 cent increase then I would say let's raise it 65 cents.

Anonymous said...

FINALLY! Some positive press for Neshaminy! Let's keep it going folks!!